searching-forensics_photoEURO4SCIENCE aims at developing and implementing innovative practices, tools and methodologies in schools, enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning offer in education, more specifically regarding the attractiveness of science-related subjects and careers. By fostering the attractiveness of science-related subjects through exciting activities connected to the “CSI Theme” and by engaging teachers and pupils of different ages in a project held at international level and coordinated by a reputed university, EU4SCI contributes to decreasing early school dropout and integrating pupils and teachers in a more motivating school environment.


More specifically, the project:

  • Developed, tested and implemented a Forensic Science Education Toolbox in 4 languages (English, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Polish) to be used in European Schools
  • Organised 3 “CSI weeks” with a range of exciting activities for pupils and engaging the whole learning community.
  • Organised multiplier events, exchanges of pupils and other initiatives in 4 EU countries.


The activities of the project contributed to meet the following strategic objectives:


Promote inter-disciplinary pedagogical approaches, through the collaborative development and implementation of a Forensic Science Educative Tool Box.
Promote teacher’s involvement in experimental education by testing and using the Toolbox and engaging in several activities of the project.

Improve the motivation of European students to scientific culture and professions, as result of the participation in exciting activities with a strong scientific and pedagogical component and contacting professionals that use this knowledge in their day-to-day work.
Contribute to minimize early school dropout, as result of the increased motivation for classes and a wider perspective of possible career options, including those connected to scientific fields. Within this objective, particular attention was paid to messages transmitted to girls, to foster gender mainstreaming and pass the message that scientific subjects and careers in science-related fields should be considered as career options for youngsters of both genders.