Students are testing the EURO4SCIENCE Toolbox in 3 countries

Until the 30th October, dozens of students from Portugal, Bulgaria and the UK are testing the Forensics Science Toolbox with their teachers. After the teachers’ workshops held between April and June, teachers are prepared to use the Toolbox with their students and follow the activities proposed. Students will be asked to give their opinion on the parts or activities they enjoyed the most, aspects they considered more difficult, etc. Teachers will also be asked to give their opinion about the use of the Toolbox: is it adequate to their students? Should it be adjusted? Was the reaction of the students positive?


The test of the toolbox involves students and teachers of different grades and subjects. After the 30th October, EURO4SCIENCE partners will collect the opinion of students and teachers and the results will be discussed in December in the CSI@School international Conference that will take place in Skipton in the beginning of December.

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