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Here is a list of links for other materials, projects, resources, etc. that provide materials related to science education






Списание Българска наука Magazine dedicated to science with uploaded issues and articles separated in different sections: biology, botanic, medicine, fungus, chemistry, physics, zoology etc. ”Българска Наука” ООД и Сдружение “Форум Наука” BG – Българският детски портал Bulgarian portal for children with section ”Science” containing different information materials adapted for children ABC Design &Communication - BG
Bertino Forensics Website with a set of links to activities, apps, demos and other materials to support the teaching of Forensic Science. Bertino Forensics Science Institute (private training company) EN
Biological Sciences Initiative – Forensics Science Website with Forensics Case Studies University of Colorado at Boulder EN
CSI: Web Adventures Website with Forensic Science educators’ guide (include CSI Case Quizzes, Student Worksheets, etc.. Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning, Rice University, USA EN, ES, DE
Forensic Classroom United States based project supporting teachers in integrating forensics sciences into classroom teaching. Imprimus Forensic Services (training and consulting company) EN
Forensics Website with interesting links connected to Forensic Sciences Nancy Clark EN
Investigating Forensics Interactive Forensics activity for students and teachers guide and resources for a series of 6 lessons SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology EN, FR
Make me genius Website with scientific videos and educational PowerPoints  for children from 1st to 8th grade EN
National Science and Engineering competition challenge pack Pack to support students in creating a STEM project which could be entered in the National Science + Engineering Competition or other science fair. British Science Association EN
Planet Science Website with sections aimed at under-11s, 11-18 year olds and teachers, including news, experiments, games, quizzes and teaching resources. Tinopolis Interactive (multimedia content company) EN – Science facts and trivia for everyone! Interesting science facts separated in sections: Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry, Biology EN
Sience kids
Fun science & technology for kids
Online platform for science separated in different topics and populated with information, quizzes, experiments, images, videos and etc. for kids. Rene Smith EN
The “Fly Higher” materials The Fly Higher project developed a set of tutorials and other materials to support the teaching of physics, mathematics and other sciences, using examples from the aerospace. Fly Higher consortium (FP7 project) EN, PT, FR, SP
The Forensic Library Website dedicated to Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Crime Scene Investigation, Evidence Analysis and known Case Studies. EN
The Forensic Teacher Magazine Magazine dedicated to Forensic Science with several issues including activities for teachers to implement in a classroom context. (supported by a group of teachers volunteers) EN
The human touch of chemistry Website dedicated to chemistry- attractively represented. Including online lab experiments, legend of science, information etc. Tata Chemicals Limited (private company) EN
UK Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences Website of the chartered society of Forensic Sciences in the UK with links to publications and information on careers in Forensic Sciences The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences EN
Upd8 ‘Fake’ Forensics resources Free sample of materials developed by the Science UPD8 team in collaboration with the Association for Science Education (UK) to set the science curriculum in context. Science UPD8‘Fake’.html EN
Свежа наука
Любопитно, интересно, образователно
Website with interesting news and information materials connected to science Свежа Наука BG
Уча се Online platform with online video lessons of wide range of subjects from the 1st to the 11 grade. Дарин Маджаров и
Николай Жейнов BG
30 Academic Resources on Learning List of approachable scientific materials for teachers to read and use and for students to benefit. Examples: Researchgate, Teaching&Learning Lab. Open colleges (sent by Patrick Del Rosario) EN
The Mechanics of Cars: Simple Machines in Automobiles Descriptions, exercises, illustrations and other materials about the 6 basic types of simple machines: pulley, screw, inclined plane, wheel and axle, edge, and lever. “Your mechanic” (sent by Alex Leanse) EN
A Kid’s Guide to Mechanics and Engineering Simple explanations about Mechanics and Engineering, description of functions in mechanical engineering, and practical activities “Your mechanic” (sent by Alex Leanse) EN