3 Teachers workshops were a success!

Between the 1st and 3rd of June the team of Universidade de Aveiro (EURO4SCIENCE coordinator) travelled to the UK to implement the 3rd teachers workshop of the EURO4SCIENCE project (other workshops were also organised in Bulgaria and Portugal). Besides the workshop, the 3-days programme included a guided visit to Skipton Girls´ High School (EURO4SCIENCE partner) lead by the students. The workshop was hosted by the Skipton Girls´ High School, while the practical component took place in the STEM Centre of Bradford University. Participants in the workshop where teachers from: Skipton Girls´ High School, Holy Family Catholic School, Ersmysteds Grammar School, Harrogate High School, Blue Vue Girls´ School, Feversham College. The workshop was very interactive and the feedback was very positive. Participants showed great enthusiasm about the Forensic Science Toolbox    and are keen to test it with their students in the upcoming weeks.



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